Ain't no Hill fo a Steppa takes place in 1962 in Phoenix Arizona. It's about two men, and how during the times they were able to achieve something as black men, you wouldn't believe during the times. Houston Clarence Turner and Reverend Jerald Roland Munson were their names. The two men formed to organize a organization to support local residents and opened The El Morocco Supper Club. The stars that frequented the club were famously known in the Negro circles at that time. Names like comedians Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, Slappy White and Dee Johnson. Singers like Lou Rawls, Ike and Tina Turner and Bobby Blues Bland. Houston was a master of the quick tongue and Munson of the “Hallelujah Brother” They had a cliché’ for every occasion. They were smooth, suave, sophisticated, sharp-dressing talkers, who were always confident about what they were saying and doing. But with every success comes trouble. Murders of elderly women, which if they weren’t careful could be blamed on them. Mafia figures, Crooked Police mixed with laughter, crazy characters and a strong dose of who did it... and you’ll know why Houston and Munson would always say....
What would you do if someone brought you a map of a forgotten treasure? especially if you had the money to look for it and the person who brought you the map is creditable. Now add your best friend, a Mexican land lord, a honest cop, and agroup of masochistic murders, a shy priest and a professor of archeology. Throw in some women who are more dangerous than the men, in a land starting to blossom in tourists and where pirates buried their booty in underground caves and you got a story of intrigue, mystery and fun. Houston and Munson (Ain't no Hill fo a Steppa) are at it again, beating the bad guys to he punch while holding their women back from shooting up everybody in the place. Set in Belize, they travel to a mysterious land, doing something they’re not equipped to handle with a group of people who think they’re on vacation. Once there, they discover that not only are they being chased but where they are going is haunted, filled with underwater traps and legends of ghosts and monsters. Set in the late sixties, Houston and Munson used their wits and guile and a professor who shows up at the last minute to show them he can provide some laughs of his own. Get ready for a ride that you’ll never forget! 

Everybody’s doing it. Getting tatto’s all over theirbody. Now wonder if you got Dragon tattoo’s which are placed on your body by someone who’s motivation was sinister? What if those Dragon tattoo’s gave you the power to be the best player in a sport, and make you million of dollars and the crowds you play in front of loved you. Would you have them done if you knew this? Now slowly, game after game, the tattoos start to move a little more each time until they start to rise off your skin and then race around your body roaring and screaming causing you immense pain and aggravation. But also your abilities grow to a point you don’t even your teammates to win a game. You don’t even need your Coach. Now the crowds are amazed at your abilities to a fever pitch. What would you do about it?. Keep the tattoos or find away to remove them or better yet kill the Tattoo Master who put them there and keep the powers you have without the pain and be loved by everyone? What would you do?

You’ve practiced hard all your life. Went to all the tournaments and won with the best serve in Tennis. Even men can’t match the intensity and speed in which your ball travels over the net. Your fast, good looking and you give no quarter to your 
opponents. Not even the sportscasters can find a flaw in your game, your perfect. But as time goes on your trainer, your Father starts to look worried. He starts to demand they you get better and drills you to do more, as he says “stay on top of your game”. Now your Mother shows up after years not being there to support you or even being at a tournament. And now you see the tension between your Father and Mother and wonder what happened that she would show up now, especially with another girl, younger and a upcoming star of her own. Your about to complete your legacy that no one else has ever achieved and your Father says theirs another tournament you have to play in, a tournament which will save his life if you win or dam his and your soul for the rest of eternity if you lose. And now you find out it’s against the one person you thought you’d never have to play against... 
The Tattoo Master
The Serve
Every other year you win, and every other yearyou lose. In the State’s most most rivaled game and you as the Coach have to find a way to stop the the back and forth.You have the best players, or so you think. You have the best coaches, or so you think. You have the supporters, or so you think. So why every year, you win and then the next year you lose. You spend nights drinking coffee, going over the plays. Until one night, your visited by three spirits. They ask you what would you do to stop the madness. Will you promise them anything or will you just let things stay the way they are? Or will you beat the visitors with their own proposal.
What decision would you make if the visitors guarantee that you will go down as the best Coach  ever, win or lose. But they predict, that one of you, either the other Coach or yourself will never
Coach again after the next game. Predictions, which one would you make? 


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