Ronn Turner, 1997

Born in the Arizona desert, this talented artist has been drawing and painting for over 50 years. He was the third African American to attend North Phoenix High School 
and the first black to play Basketball and Baseball for the school. He was best 
noticed for his contribution to the football team and received a scholarship to 
attend Arizona University in Tucson Arizona. But his first love was Art. He 
was mentored by his football coach and acclaimed Artist Dave Hibbert who 
was also the school's art teacher. He first became noticed in 1967 with his 
copulation, "The Face". A serious Oil rendering of a young African American
mans face with scenes of race riots, police and black panthers that he 
painted while in High School. It won him acclaim for his creativity and as a 
story teller of the times. 

His work graduated in the Marine Corps (during the Vietnam 
War) when he enlisted and started to work for the Stars and 
Stripes newspaper as a technical illustrator. He went from there 
to work as a draftsman for several large electronics companies 
and eventually ended his career as a Cost System Analyst for 
the McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company in Mesa Arizona.

But prior to ending his career, he opened his first art studio, 
"Conceptual Art Studio and Gallery" where he sold his works 
of art to numerous local clients. He started working with backyard 
metallic sculptures and wall decorations with his soon to be co-
designer of the Arizona Civil Rights Memorial Shannon Owen. 
The Memorial, a 1.5 ton metal and concrete sculpture is nestled 
in Eastlake Park near downtown Phoenix, and was commissioned 
by the City of Phoenix Arts Commission. He opened his second art gallery 
under his non-profit foundation, "The Ronn Turner Art Gallery", where he 
featured local and regional artist. Soon after, he wrote and received a contract 
by the Arizona Board of Education to open an Art Charter School for gifted high school students. He was recruited to California to work as the Director of Gallery Operations for the "Heart of the Arts" Art Gallery, a 3,000 square foot visual art gallery in Stockton California. While in California he signed with a Art Publishing Company, and began traveling to numerous art venues around the country, exhibiting his works of art, both publicly and private. 
He moved to Omaha Nebraska and keep his art career going while working in Sales. He was eventually backed by a car manufacturer to do a two city tour, Omaha and Kansas City in 2010. He is also a writer with three published books and a novice lecturer on the migration of Blacks to the southwest. 
He then was called to Texas on personal business where he was elected the President of the San Antonio Ethnic Art Society from 2014 to 2015 after serving as the Webmaster for the organization which is celebrating it's 36th year in existence this year. 
He moved back to Phoenix in 2015, and has received an endorsement from the Phoenix Arts Commission to develop a Essay Contest for Grade school students for their inclusion to the Memorial steps of the Civil Rights Monument. He also is palnning to open another Art Gallery in central Phoenix. His works in the Arts is his passion especially for Afro American Artists to exhibit their works and be part of the community.